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Welcome to the dedicated section for our legal and regulatory documentation at Hobbs Electrical. Here, we provide you with easy access to a suite of important documents that outline the guidelines, commitments, and practices that shape our operations and interactions with our valued clients, partners, and the community at large.

Whether you are a client, partner, or simply interested in learning more about our legal and ethical framework, these documents offer in-depth insights into how we conduct our business responsibly and with integrity. We encourage you to read through these documents to better understand our commitments and how they align with our values and operations.

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Anti-Slavery Policy


Slavery (also referred to as “Modern Slavery”) is a crime, and a violation of human rights. It can take many different forms including servitude, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking; anything that deprives an individual of their freedom for a personal or commercial gain.

Our zero-tolerance approach means that we will not do business with any individual, contractor, supplier, or other business partner, where we reasonably believe that they do not hold themselves to the same high standard. We take the action outlined in this policy to ensure our business operates ethically, with integrity, and free from involvement with slavery and human trafficking.


Structure and supply chain

We are a small organisation with less than 20 employees  operating in the Specialist Electrical Installation sector. Our main business involves providing electrical contractor services to support demanding applications such as Data Centre and Healthcare projects. We believe the nature and structure of our business means we have a low risk of exposure to slavery and human trafficking within our operations.

Our commitments

  • That our approach to corporate social responsibility specifically considers and addresses slavery and human trafficking.
  • That any concerns about slavery or human trafficking can be raised directly with a member of the management team, or through our whistleblowing procedure.
  • That our recruitment and people processes are designed to ensure all current and prospective employees have the right to work in the United Kingdom and are paid the minimum wage or above.
  • That we identify and address any areas of high risk in our supply chain.
  • If we deem that other businesses, contractors or organisations working on our behalf are in breach of this policy, we reserve the right to terminate the relationship.
  • To provide information and training, as appropriate, to our employees so that they understand this policy and their own responsibilities in relation to it. We ensure that all employees are aware of this policy and the organisational commitment to it.


Responsibility and review

  • The Board of Directors approves and is ultimately responsible for ensuring this policy complies with our legal and ethical obligations. They will review it regularly to ensure it remains fit for purpose in supporting a zero-tolerance approach to slavery and human trafficking.
  • Managers of the organisation are responsible for ensuring those reporting to them are aware of, understand, and comply with this policy.
  • All employees are responsible for acting in accordance with this policy; breaches of it will be dealt with via the disciplinary procedure.


Good to know

  • This policy is written with reference to the obligations of section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015


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